Buddha Medicine is responsible for healing powers of space. He is the reason of appearing “Four medical tantras”, which are the basic of world known Tibetan medicine, that removes not the symptoms, but the roots of the disease. During two hours ritual the monks offer the sounds of dulcimers, bells and long trumpets to Buddha Medicine and ask him to save from sufferings, connected with different kinds of illnesses.


This ritual, based on sacred texts and mantras, is supposed to eliminate all the obstacles, arising on the way to recovery.


These can be the obstacles, preventing the doctor from curing the patient effectively; the obstacles, decelerating the beneficial effect of the medicine or the inner hindrances of the patient himself.


In different cities of the world many people come to Buddha Medicine ceremony. They want to get the additional energy and blessing of the Gyudmed monks, to get rid of sufferings of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual kinds. Many of those who have come ask for blessing from the side of their sick relatives or friends, they bring their pictures, names or even the pieces of clothes.



Very often professional doctors and nurses, psychologists and masseurs come. Their aim is to absorb the healing energy of space, which is concentrated in the hall due to the Tibetan monk’s prayers and good wishes and intentions of the people gathered, in order to help later their patients in a more effective way, giving them more care and compassion.


The monks give detailed explanations on each part of the ceremony and also give a short lecture on a healing power of ancient mantras and good aspirations. For the whole evening one could listen to the unique overtone chanting of Gyudmed monastery and the sounds of sacred Tibetan musical instruments, which have a great therapeutic effect.


After the completion of the ceremony each of the participants could come up to Lamas to get blessing and traditional protecting red string, which was blessed in a common prayer by 550 Gyudmed monks. It is considered that the prayers have given it the power to protect from illness and obstacles, both inner and outer.


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