"Gangjong Doeghar" (Kalimpong, India)

October, 28, Thursday

Anatoly Vasilyev Theater School of Dramatic Art



“These dancers and musicians never saw their motherland, but anyway with pride and professionalism they bring to the world the culture of the Snow Country”.
Hindustan Times


Gangjong Doeghar is a gorgeous company of Tibetan songs and dances performers. It was founded in Kalimpong, the northern settlements of Tibetan refugees in India . In Gangjong Doeghar's repertoire is almost the whole range of spiritual and secular music of Tibet , here are the sacral dances of deities-animals, and ritual dances of the hunters; melodious and long folk songs and opera Lhamo

Despite the young age, the musicians and dancers of Gangjong Doeghar already traveled all over the world, they gave concerts in Great Britain and Ireland , Holland and France . And everywhere the spectators admire the beautiful songs and mysterious melodies of the Snow Country.

“Gangjong Doeghar” regularly performs in Tibetan settlements in India and annually takes part in the opera festival “Shoton” in Dharamsala, visited by His Holiness Dalai-lama. The visiting card of the group is the amazing dances of mountain yaks and snow lions. The costumes of these honored in Tibet animals are sewn by the director of the troupe, and there's nothing compared with them in their expressiveness and detailed elaboration in the whole Tibetan society. There is an impression that these graceful black yaks came down from the Himalayan ranges to tell people about the remote Tibet. 

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