Our partners and friends

Tibet House New York
«Tibet House New York» is the centre of spiritual life of the most progressive representatives of American society, uniting Hollywood stars and prominent scholars.

Tibetan Center of Culture and Information
Plenipotentiary office of H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama in Russia. Tibetan news, politics, culture and religion. Tibetan Buddhism in Russia.

Club-gallery “Shanti”
The main concept of the gallery is unobtrusive, stress-free atmosphere; everything here is created to feel complete happiness, enjoyment and conciliation.

Moscow Museum of Oriental Arts
State Museum of Oriental Arts is the only cultural establishment in Russia, where most fully the art of Central Asia, Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Far and Near East and Africa is represented. It is also one of the major cultural and spiritual centers in Russia and “the most valuable object of the cultural heritage”.

Tea-club "Iron Fenix"
Tea-club "Iron Fenix" is one of the oldest tea-clubs in Moscow, where tea ceremonies are held by the experiences masters-professionals. Here you'll find the best tea, china-ware and porcelain of the highest quality, pure incense, souvenires and music for tea-ceremonies.


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