With the blessing of His Holiness  Dalai Lama  the Tibet House was founded in Moscow as its president Elena Vrublevskaya. It is intended to become a spiritual center of the most progressive representatives of the Russian society uniting well-known politicians, scientists, artists, musicians and all those who have concern in future of Tibetan culture.

Elena Vrublevskaya
President of Tibet House Moscow Elena Vrublevskaya

In the beginning was the Word. But it didn’t come from the Bible. I can’t recall when I first heard it, but I remember a sense of some bottomless mystery, unfathomable and yet poignantly familiar. It echoed in me so strongly that I burst into tears… TIBET – it is not just a word, but a magical bell that has been ringing in my heart ever since. Tibetan bell is a feminine symbol, its sound represents the seed sound of creation. I followed its calling as I entered the realm of Tibetan Buddhism...

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama and President of Tibet House Moscow
Elena Vrublevskaya, Dharamsala, India, 2004.


Tibet House Moscow


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