Buddhist Internet resources

Association "Buddhism in the Internet"

Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia - Buddhism in Buryatiya

Т ibetan Bon tradition in Russia - Moscow center of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

KIBI – Subsidiary of Karmapa International Buddhist Institute in Elista

Site of St Petersburg University professor Torchinov E.A.

Virtual Notes by B. Zagumyonnov

Site about Buddhism by Scherbakov A. - translations, articles, graphic arts

Russian Buddhist server "Vajra"

www.catalog.ariom.ru – Buddhist recourses on Site of Lotos

www.pravidya.spb.ru – site of Russian Buddhism

Buddhist Internet-shop

Buddhism on AskMe – questions and answers about Buddhism on Askme.RU


DharmaNet International WebRing – the gate to many Buddhist resources and a special search engine

Alexander Berzin's archives – site of works and translations of the outstanding Buddhist translator and scientist

www.tibetgame.com – a wonderful on-line game with a lot of information about Tibet and many photos of Tibet

Gyudmed Tantric Monastery - site of Gyudmed tantric monastery

BuddhaNet – versatile Buddhist informational and educational portal

http://www.angelfire.com/yt/fairtibet/blinks.html - list of different Buddhist centers and their sites

http://www.churchward.com/rel.html - information about four schools of Tibetan Buddhism

http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/tibet/understand/ - information about Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Government – Tibetan Government in exile

Buddha ' s Words - Gotaro – teachings of His Holiness Dalai Lama

A good selection of links to the internet-resources, connected with Tibetan Buddhism

TibetNet – new multilingual site of Tibetan government in exile, contains various information about Tibet and Tibetan culture. TibetMail - web-based e-mail service, allowing sending messages in Tibetan language

Quiet Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Resource Guide – interesting Buddhist portal with many links to web-resources on Tibetan Buddhism

Tsongkhapa – Buddhist resources on Gelug tradition

Links to internet-resources, connected with Nyingma school

FPMT – site of Foundation for Preservation of Mahayana Tradition

Mindrolling Monastery – one of the largest and most important centers of practicing and studying Buddhism of Nyingma tradition in the Central Tibet  

Buddhist literature

http://www.uddiyana.ru/ "Virtual Uddiyana" - Books in Russian about Buddhism, Tibet, Tibetan culture and medicine

www.dharma-media.org – remarkable on-line library, containing many Buddhist images, multi-media files and texts of teachings mainly of Drikung tradition, but not only

dharmabooks.net – books on Tibetan Buddhism

www.mahakala.narod.ru – site, devoted to Buddhist literature.

Journal "Buddhism of Russia" - editor А. Terentyev

Journal " Garuda " - editor V. М ontlevich

Second-hand bookseller Online: - order books on Buddhism and martial arts, including rarity

Dharma.Ru – Buddhist internet-shop

www.spiritual.ru - "Spiritual world": a journey to the world of wise and useful teachings


Snow Lion Publications – the most famous Buddhist publishing house.

Rangjung Yeshe Publications – publishing house, organized by Erik Pema Kunsang for publishing the most important texts of Nyingma and Kagyu traditions, and also the books of modern teachers like Urgyen Tulku, Choki Nyima Rinpoche and so on

Wisdom – one of the larges Buddhist publishers in the West

Shambhala – one of the first Buddhist publishers, founded with the assistance of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Vast catalogue of Buddhist publishers in English

TBRC - Tibetan Buddhist Research Center, electronic catalogue of Tibetan texts

Tricycle – popular Buddhist journal, famous by its original views on the modern Buddhism in the West

Shambala Sun – magazine about awakening, bringing the Buddhist view in everyday situations

Journal of Buddhism Ethics - peculiar "academic" online-journal, mainly devoted to Buddhist ethics

Western Buddhist Review – printed and electronic journal FWBO – Friends of Western Buddhist Order 


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Schools of Tibetan Buddhism
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