Exhibitions of festival “TIBET”
14 - 31 October


Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery


Professor Robert Thurman gave lectures on Tibet, Buddhism and Buddhism psychology

Richard Gere presented his personal exhibition “Pilgrim” at the festival

Exposition “Tibet House New York” 


The aim of the international organization “Tibet House New York”, founded in 1987 by two American celebrities, professor Robert Thurman and actor Richard Gere under the patronage of His Holiness Dalai Lama – is studying and preserving of traditions and inheritance of the unique Tibetan culture.

First important event held by “Tibet House New York” was a festival “International Year of Tibetan Culture-1991”. Soon this festival turned to be a world-wide movement, in which more than 36 countries took part. “Tibet House” carries on an active international activity. Its mobile exhibitions of Tibetan art, scientific conferences, public lectures, trainings and seminars on Tibetan philosophy and northern Buddhism gathered thousands of people from the whole planet.

Starting from 1989 “Tibet House” arranges annual charity concerts and high receptions on the Tibetan New Year’s Eve, which has become a bright event in the New York’s public life. Many famous artists and musicians take part in the New Year’s concert in the legendary Carnegie-hall and advocate in support of Tibetan culture. Among them are Laurie Anderson, David Bowy, David Birn, John Cale, Sheril Crow, Allen Ginzburg, Phillip Glass, Dave Mathews, groups Live and REM, and also Hollywood actors Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford and Richard Gere

Central office of the organization is in New York. Ibidem is the library with the unique archives, art gallery, and lection halls. The pride of Tibet House is the richest collection of Tibetan art masterpieces, including its famous Repatriation collection.

Repatriation collection

After the invasion of the Chinese army in 1949 there started mass annihilation of the ancient spiritual culture in Tibet. There are few objects of once imposing inheritance left, which a numerous refugees managed to save, occasionally risking their lives. The repatriation collection was founded at the “Tibet House New York” for preserving these extraordinary values. The collection, which for present moment is valued at more than a million dollars, has about 150 unique examples of Tibetan art, created few hundred years ago. If the conflict situation in Tibet is solved at last, these masterpieces will return to their homeland. Till that time western people have a rare opportunity to take a closer look at the ancient thang-kas and sculptures of the remote Land of Snows…

On the festival “TIBET” the displays of the Repatriation collection, connected with the name of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV were introduced.


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