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From October 14 th to 31 st, 2004, as the sign of growing interest of Russian auditorium to the culture of ancient Tibet, based on the principles of love and compassion, the first international festival TIBET: traditions, art, philosophy took place. The idea of this festival was blessed by the Noble Prize of Peace laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV. The festival is aimed to give the exhaustive presentation of cultural and philosophical inheritance of Himalayan region and also to trace the historical bonds, which existed between Russia and Tibet since many centuries.

The festivals of Tibetan culture with participation of famous artists and Tibetan lamas take place in many European countries and in USA already for many years and with great success. In Russia festival Tibet has become the first large-scale event. According to the idea of the organizers, it gave the Russian auditorium, familiar with Tibet mainly through books and films, the opportunity of direct contact with the unique culture of the Snow Country.

Tibetan subject is especially significant for Russia , where in contrast with the other countries of the world, there are three republics (Kalmykia, Buryatia and Tuva), practicing Tibetan form of Buddhism. So, the head of the Board of trustees of the festival is the President of Kalmykia republic Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The Board also includes such prominent figures of culture and art as Zurab Tsereteli, Anatoly Vasiliev and Natalia Andreichenko. The idea of the festival Tibet is also supported by famous rock-musicians Boris Grebenschikov and Andrey Makarevitch.

Hollywood star Richard Gere and professor of Columbia University Robert Thurman, who are the founders of the famous Tibet House New York, were invited to take part in the festival. Their presence at the festival is really symbolic: thanks to these people, close friends and students of His Holiness Dalai-lama, the greatest treasure, which is the culture and philosophy of the Snow Country, became open to the western world.

Organizer of the festival - Tibet House Moscow

Following the example of the organizations of the same name in India, USA, Italy, Spain and other countries, Tibet House Moscow was founded in 2004. Its aim is to study and preserve the unique culture of the Snow Country.

Festival is under the support of Tibet House New York headed by its permanent president Robert Thurman , the author of books about Buddhism and Tibet , which became real best-sellers in the USA , and also the co-founder of Tibet house New York Richard Gere. From the moment of its foundation Tibet House New York is the centre of spiritual life of the most progressive representatives of American society, uniting Hollywood stars and prominent scholars. As its New York 's prototype, Tibet House Moscow, according to the intention of its President Elena Vrublevskaya, is supposed to be the centre of spiritual life of the most progressive representatives of Russian society, uniting around Tibetan subject famous politicians and scientists, artists and musicians, and all those who are not indifferent to the future of Tibetan culture.

Co-founders of Tibet House Moscow (Elena Vrublevskaya Gallery and company Monks-Art) are already known in Russia as the initiators of the most considerable events, representing different sides of Tibetan culture to a large audience. During 4 years before the foundation of Tibet House they have been organizing more than fifty cultural programs in different cities in Russia and post-soviet space in cooperation with Tibetan monasteries Gyudmed, Copan, Gyuto, Namgyal, Tibetan Institute of Performances Arts (TIPA), and also together with Russian contemporary artists, photographers and musicians, who are inspired by Tibet .

Some words about the participants of the festival

Most of the festival programs were presented in Russia for the first time. Among them is the personal photo exhibition of Richard Gere, who visited Moscow especially to take part in the festival. Two-meter high butter sculptures stroke the spectators imagination; during the whole month they were thoroughly created by the best monks-artists from the famous Tibetan monastery Gyudmed - the citadel of spiritual Tibetan arts.

For the first time in Russia was the collection of sacred relics, belonging to the most renowned Buddhist mentors and spiritual masters. For the last three years this amazing collection has traveled to many countries of the world. Its tour will go on till 2008 until the relics, that blessed the world, are placed in the heart of 152-metres Maitreya Buddha statue.

Partners of the festival TIBET State Museum of Oriental Arts and Tibet House New York presented the best samples of Tibetan spiritual art from their extensive collections. Tibet House New York exposition, devoted to the personality of the spiritual leader of Tibetans Dalai-lama XIV, is the part of a large collection of New York Tibet House, destined to be further repatriated to Tibet. Museum of Oriental Arts brought forward pictures (thangkas) and sculptures, depicting Tibetan teachers and deities.

Of great interest is the exhibition of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology Institute (Men-Tsi-Khang), which is today the main centre of studying and preserving the world-known Tibetan medicine. The visitors could get the consultation of Tibetan doctor and astrologist, who were especially invited to participate in the festival from Indian city of Dharamsala, where at present time the residence of Dalai-lama is.

The main venue was Zurab Tsereteli Gallery of Arts (Russian Academy of Arts), where on October,14th in the hall Yabloko the grand opening with the presence of Board of trustees members and special guests took place. Extremely interesting concert programs were presented in new Anatoly Vasiliev Theater School of Dramatic Art. Festival was completed on October, 31st with the grandiose gala-concert in Moscow International Performance Arts Center.

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