Boris Grebenschikov Infra Petersburg

01.06.2007 28.07.2007

In the beginning of June 2007 in Elena Vrublevskaya gallery on Rozhdestvensky boulevard an unusual exhibition will be opened. A famous musician, leader of group Aquarium Boris Grebenschikov will present his works. The exposition includes photographs from the series Infra Petersburg.

The exhibition is timed to 35th anniversary of Boris Grebenschikov and Aquarium creative activity.

There are many eyewitnesses how the actual music was created in 1980ies. In standard flats in outskirts of Leningrad, Moscow and other cities the concerts were performed and albums were recorded. Domestic tape recorders and simple acoustic guitars were used. With the help of at hand means was created something, which was and still is really interesting and meaningful for a great number of music fans. In the centre of all this was Boris Grebenschikov- not a musician, but mathematician by his profession.

But the history has a tendency to be repeated. Nowadays already a prominent musician BG is experimenting in the field of photography. And again at hand means: non professional photo camera, computer, Photoshop program. Those who have seen these works, unanimously speak for a special kind of magic, radiating from them and for the unique authors view on the habitual to the capitals dwellers places.

Not in vain that BGs exhibition takes place at Elena Vrublevskay gallery. Grebenschikov actively supported and participated in the festival Tibet. Traditions. Art. Philosophy in 2004 and 2005. Elena Vrublevskaya gallery was the founder and one of the organizers of this festival.

Somebody will contend that the artistic value of these works is not high. And, perhaps, he is right. But the photographs of BG are out of this context. They are acting on the other level, in another system of values. In this case the author is important and what he wants to say. And he himself chooses the language.


Boris Grebenschikov Infra Petersburg


Boris Grebenschikov Infra Petersburg



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