Meeting with Lama Jangchub and film demonstration

On May,10th, 2007 at 7 p.m. in Tibet House there was a meeting with lama Jangchub from Kyun Drol Ling monastery (France) and demonstration of the documentary film about the construction of the Buddhist temple and school of art in France.

The aim of this first European school of art is not recreation of Tibetan culture in the West, but preservation of fundamentals of the Buddhist art. Ancient traditional methods of creating the Buddhist art objects are harmoniously combined with modern technologies here.

One can come to this centre of Tibetan culture, get acquainted with the people, who work here, try oneself in the workshops, where people study carving, working with metal and glass, thanka and mandala painting. You can get to know in details traditional Tibetan painting of Karma Gadri style, which combines Indian and Chinese cultures, and also take part in the seminars or even stay there to work and live.





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