Tsigun practice. Vietnamese soft medicinal Tsigun

Vietnamese soft medicinal Tsigun Kin Kann Tkhien courses take place in Tibet House. This kind of Tsigun helps to get rid of many chronicle diseases. The lineages of Vietnamese practitioners use the elements of Indian tsigun as well as Chinese. During the lesson the complex of dynamic and static form, based on direction of attention along with breathing regulations is performed. Methods of teaching imply constant control upon the practitioners forming individual recommendations. Such course affects the whole organism and increases vital force, efficiency and removes chronicle diseases.

Fast results of spine health improvement and changes in the level of sexual activity were observed. Besides sanitation effect, practitioners gain the control over psycho-emotional state of their own organism, and, as a result, a harmony in the relationships with others. One also gets better stress resistance, memory improvement, growth of creative potential and speed of thinking. After mastering the course, one can practice by his own at home.

Master of Tsigun Huan Tkhi

Master Huan Tkhi is 49 years old; he practices marshal arts for more than 30 years, tsigun energy exercises around 20 years, and is a retired captain of special department of Vietnamese National Army. He has a diploma of Shaulin School, diploma of Lam Tkhan Han’ school, diploma of Hong Za school (Vietnam), and diploma of Vietnamese national healer.

The group of practitioners is almost recruited. The number of participants is limited, therefore, first 5 people, who call and announce their collaboration, will have the opportunity to join the group.

You can dial 621 35 86


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