Course presentation of Tibetan astrology of the elements

International Academy of Tibetan medicine and “Tibet House Moscow” present:
April 23, 2009, 19:30
in "Tibet House Moscow"

Course presentation of Tibetan astrology of the elements (Nagtsi or Dzhuntsi)
History of Tibetan astrology
Medicine, geomancy and astrology
Astrology of the elements:
12 animals and 5 elements
5 individual characteristics of the person,

Meva and Parka
Forecast for the year
Horoscope for the whole life
Horoscope for Two
Favorable and unfavorable personal days.

Astrology can help to learn more about oneself: one’s strengths and weaknesses, individual rhythm of life and compatibility with other people. It provides advice and guidance for difficult periods, helps to prevent trouble and clarifies many questions for us. It teaches us that the future is in our hands, and we ourselves are the creators of our life and happiness. The basis of astrology is common sense, accurate calculations and deep knowledge that has been benefiting people for many centuries. 

Tibetan Astrology originated over 4000 years ago and has traditionally been part of Tibetan medicine and geomancy (Feng Shui analogue). As a result of study of Tibetan astrology, we can learn deeply about the favorable and unfavorable periods in our lives, our abilities, financial status, level of vital energy, health, success, luck, a suitable partner. 

Anyone can easily learn the Tibetan astrology: compile and interpret horoscopes for two, the forecast for the year and for the whole life. In-depth study will penetrate the secrets of family horoscope, horoscope of the possible death and horoscope of disease. 

Astrology Nagtsi deeply explores the system of five elements, which are the basis of all phenomena, as well as their impact on human life. In Tibet, medicine and astrology are closely related, because these sciences have one basis - the theory of the five primary elements. That is because they have one foundation, astrology helps the doctor to find the correct and the shortest path to recovery from illness. If you rely on the basic theory that our body consists of five elements, and the outside world also consists of five elements, it is clear that the harmony of external and internal integrity of the flow of time is the basis of health. That is why it is so important to study astrology. 

As part of the presentation there is a lecture of the coordinator of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Tatiana Uljanova.

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