Exhibition Cultural traditions of Tibet

June 17 - July 2, 2009 Tibet House Moscow shows the part of its collection at the exhibition "Cultural traditions of Tibet" in the Museum of N.K. Roerich.

Collection of Tibet House has been collected for five years. It is a peculiar reflection of the unique culture of the Himalayan country, its domestic, philosophical and religious elements. The collection includes items like Tibetan antiques and artifacts made by contemporary Tibetan authors. For the first time since the festival "Tibet. Traditions. Art. Philosophy - 2004:" these exhibits will be presented to a wide audience. 

Part of the exhibition is devoted to dancing lamas masks of mystery Cham, made by the monks of Copan monastery (Kathmandu, Nepal), as well as by a Russian artist Sergey Pancheshnyi (Murmansk, Russia). Mystery Cham says of the Buddhist deities and masters in the language of a dance. Dancing monks during the ceremony are as the reincarnates of the deities, depicted on Buddhist icons, thankas, that is why it is possible to call Cham a revived icon. 

Exhibition of Tibetan dolls tells us about the peoples inhabiting the territory of Tibet, about the historical and mythological characters, the representatives of different groups of Tibetan society - the monks, the officials, the musicians, the farmers. Doll collection provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the live of Tibetans and their national costumes. 

A special place in the exposition belongs to the original articles of Tibetan life. Among them there is paper money of the state Tibet, which date from the beginning of last century, a fragment of an ancient text from the traditional Tibetan book - a set of mantras. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the Tibetan national costume, made in full size.

Items from the Collection of Tibet House are harmoniously supplemented with the photo works of Alena Tel'pukhovskaya. This photographic exhibition is the result of two expeditions of the author to Tibet and Himalayan region.

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