Conference «The phenomenon XII Khambo Lama Etigelov»

8 June 2013 to Ivolginsky datsans begin Its work IV International conference «The phenomenon XII Khambo Lama Etigelov».

June 28, 2013, at 9 am in the Ivolginsky Datsan started the IV International Conference "The phenomenon XII Khambo Lama Etigelov." Conference hall of Buddhist University Dam Darzha Zayaev collected more than three hundred participants and guests of this long-awaited event, which takes place once in two years.

Hambo Lama D.D.Etigelov accompanied by Buddhist clergy, the Sangha of Russia under the leadership of XXIV Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev  was officially transmitted from the Palace to the main cathedral church Ivolginsky Datsans - Tsogchen Dugan, where they held a Hural Honoring the Spiritual Guide and conducted a ritual Mandala offering to the Master. All participants had the opportunity to worship the Master and receive his blessing.

Later in the assembly hall of Buddhist University inaugurated the conference. Welcoming remarks were made to its participants Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev, Secretary General of the ATM Bulgan Bagsha, Chairman of the People's Khural of the Republic of Buryatia M.M.Gershevich, a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Yegorov, IN, on behalf of the State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk Tsyrenov BD, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Buryatia T.Tsybikov. There were also congratulations from State Duma deputies Irincheev Matkhanova and Vyacheslav Marhaeva.

At 14:00 pm, held its first plenary meeting. His work opened Khambo Lama Damba Ayusheev. In its report, Chapter Sangha Russia had focused daily messages of Hambo Lama Dasha Dorzho Etigelova through its Chief Guardian Bimba Lama Dorzhiev. Revealing a deep sense of unique messages of Teachers of humanity, the Buryat people, Hambo Lama gave a detailed analysis of the selected messages. And summing up, said: "If we will have faith, then we will enter into eternity. Hambo Lama Etigelov found faith and therefore won the time! "

During the conference, participants shared their views during round table meeting, organized by topic "Guru Yoga - Practice of respect Hambo Lama Etigelov" and "Modern humanity and the Middle Way of the Buddha".

In his report "Zandan Zhuu and Hambo Lama Etigelov: general approaches and communication of two Buddhist shrines Russia" shereete Lama Ivolginsky datsans Ayur Tsyrendylykov emphasized the enormous influence of Hambo Lama Etigelov on the modern history of Ivolginsky Datsans as a center of traditional Buddhism in Russia. The speaker also highlighted the fact that the Hambo Lama Etigelov has an effect on the growth of public interest in the theory and practice of Buddhism in general. Ayur Lama and reminded the audience that the two greatest Buddhist shrines, these spiritual treasures of traditional Buddhism Russia are with us, Buryatia, and we need to understand how unique dropped us in this lifetime chance to live in the same time as the Hambo Lama and have Etigelovym to see him, to worship and receive the blessings of the great Master. World Buddhist relic - Sandalwood Buddha statue Zandan Zhuu based in Egituysky Datsans also a great blessing not only for our Buryat Republic, but also for the whole of Russia.

Special depth and penetration was full report of the Guardian Hambo Lama Lama Etigelova Zhalsan Nikolaev "Soothe the mind - Meeting with Hambo Lama Etigelov": "For its part, teacher ever made. He left us a clue. For us it is important to find and understand the meaning of his message. Master requires us to develop your mind! Requires not only training on the theory of Dharma itself is important and our practice of the Dharma! One can not exist without the other. This is speculation and development."

Tibet House in Moscow, also participated in this historic event, presenting the report on "The Phenomenon of Hambo Lama Itigelov as a symbol of spiritual revival in Russia and the consolidation of Eastern Siberia».

Venerable Lama Khambo Ayushiev at the request of Nadya Berkengeim generously presented and commented photo exhibition on the Russian Nationhood, the development of Buddhism and the visit of the Russian President in Ivolginsky Monastery.

By the materials of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia



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