The visit MP Tibetan Parliament Ven. Mogru Tenpa

Ven. Mogru Tenpa, the Deputy of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, arrived in Russia to take part in the conference Phenomenon of Itigelov Hambo Lama held at Ivolginsky Datsan.

Unfortunately he had not managed to arrive just on the day of the conference opening but N.A. Berkengeym, Vice-President of Tibet House in Moscow, read out his welcome letter addressed to honorable delegates of the conference.

On July 3 morning, Mogru Tenpa arrived in Irkutsk, one of the largest cities in the Eastern Siberia. He was welcomed by Ekaterina Kosenko, the authorized secretary of Tibet House in Siberia.

This day afternoon the meeting of Pandito Khambo Lama Ayushiev, the Head of Russia's Buddhists, and Mogru Tenpa, the Deputy of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, was held in a very friendly atmosphere. Dagba Ochirov, Did Lama of Russia, Geshe Lharamba Lobsang Khedrub, Charite Lama of Ivolginski Datsan Ayur-Lama as well as other Tachers of Ivolginski Datsan took part in this meeting.

Lamas of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia has accorded a very warm and hearty welcome to the representative of the Tibetan government.

On July 4, Mogru Tenpa visited Itigelov Hambo Lama holy springs and Sandalwood Buddha statue, the ancient shrine in Egituysky Datsan, dating from the 2nd century BC.

* * *

In the afternoon the Deputy has acquainted with social projects of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia. He saw in reality how one of the families returned to traditional way of life - people tended 250 sheep and a small horse herd in the open air in Buryat steppes not fearing any difficulties. The herds of wild animals are guarded by Mastiffs Hotohto helping their owners. During this trip, Mogru Tenpa noted that he has seen realization of many Tibetans dream freedom, the freedom to be themselves, of which they were deprived in Tibet as a result of the Chinese repressive policy on resettlement of Tibetan nomads and national discrimination.

Many Buryat people have forgotten their roots, traditions and language due to the past repressive policy of the communist government directed against their traditional way of life and religion. And now it is especially pleasant to see that the strongest and courageous people return to their native land, revive culture, religion and way of life and support economy of the region.

* * *

On the same day Mogru Tenpa visited Aghwan Dordzhiev (Ngawang Lobsang) Monastery in Sholot, one of the most important Tibetan monasteries. Many historical events in development of Buddhism in Russia in the early of the 21th century associate with this place. This is the birth place of Aghwan Dordzhiev, the famous Russian-Tibetan diplomat and spiritual and social figure. This is a place where the Tsar Nicholas II headquarters in Buryatia located as well as the monastery and Aghwan Dordzhiev monastery print works. After the communist period, the monastery has been transferred to Atsagat by mistake. But now restoration of the large monastery in Sholot, a historical monument, has begun. The monastery walls and footing have miraculously survived after the Cultural Revolution and these old walls and footing will be used in reconstruction of the temple. Besides, a century-and-a-half year old building of monastery print works is also preserved where now there is the Residence of Chengiz Lama, the Head of Monastery. The new Buddhist monastery has been erected at the place of the Tsar Nicholas II headquarters.

In the evening there was the interview with the guests of the region, the representatives of Estonian regional press during which they raised actual questions on His Holiness the Dalai Lamas visit to Estonia in autumn 2013.

* * *

On July 5, the Deputy of the Tibetan Parliament visited Kizhinginsky district, Devachen Monastery and the water-treatment sanatorium restored by believers. During this visit, the meetings with the Head of the district Mr. Gennady Lhasaranov and Mr. Batre Shoydukov the Deputy of the State Duma were held.

The representatives of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and Kizhinga regional newspaper attended this meeting.

* * *

On July 6, the feast day of His Holiness the Dalai Lamas Birthday, Mogru Tenpa visited the Holy Immortal Hambo Lama Itigelov, staying at his residence for more than an hour.

* * *

At 9 a.m. the solemn ceremony of large Mandala offering and prayers for health and long life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV, Tenzin Gyatso, began. The ceremony was led by Did Lama Dagba Ochirov, Deputy Hambo Lama. Mogru Tenpa was the honored guest and participant of public prayer. Later, in the afternoon, the monks studying philosophy at the University were let go for vacations on the occasion of the holiday.

In the evening the large-scale celebration of the Dalai Lamas birthday was held in Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia. The colorful show was held at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. More than 900 persons took part in the celebration. It was the first time when the representatives of Buddhist and national communities of Buryatia united together for participation in this event realizing deep sense of this special day for all those who profess values ??of humanism, non-violence and kindness. Unfortunately, it was Rinpoche Bagsha Monastery which did not take part in this festive event.

Ngawang Tenzin, Chairman of the Tibetan community in Buryatia, Did Lama Dagba Ochirov, Deputy Hambo Lama of Russia, Geshe Jampa Thinley and Mogru Tenpa the Deputy of the Tibetan Parliament, as well as Khensur Choidorje, the Head of the Buddhist community, gave welcome speeches.

During a break, the events organizers invited the guests to festive dinner and photo exhibition on Tibet arranged in the foyer.

The Buryat artists have carefully prepared for this day - they learned popular songs in Tibetan language and young artists performed Indian classical dances. The artists managed to emphasize close relationship of peoples of Asia through cultural and historical relations of India, Tibet, Buryatia and Russia. There were a lot of the heartiest wishes in honor of 78th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

After the holiday Mogru Tenpa answered questions of the regional state newspaper Buryatia.

* * *

On July 7, Mogru Tenpa accompanied by Buddha Lama, the Head of Dukhor Monastery, had a walk to Lake Baikal and arrived in Dukhor Monastery in Beryozovka where Geshe, one of the oldest Tibetan masters, teaches.

In the evening a farewell dinner with Dagba Ochirov Did Lama and an interview with the Press Center of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha of Russia were held.

* * *

On July 9, Mr. Tenpa visited the office of Tibet House in Moscow.

* * *

On July 10, the Member of Parliament left for the Republic of Mordovia at the invitation of Oksana Matveeva, a kind friend of Tibet in Russia. On the first day of the visit an interesting excursion to alcohol plant Mordovia Spirt has been organized. This is directly connected with His Holiness the Dalai Lamas jokes about the Russian vodka in his recent interview to Ren-TV in January 2013. Alcohol production in Mordovia is one of the cleanest and expensive in the world. Mr. E.Sidorov, Director of Alcohol Plant, cordially welcomed the representative of the Tibetan Parliament.

This fascinating excursion was accompanied by journalists of the regional TV channel +10 and ended with a long television interview on Saransk central square.

In the afternoon Mogru Tenpa had a meeting with journalists of Capital C newspaper and in the evening he attended specially organized traditional pagan rituals which were practiced in this region in the years before Orthodoxy. This event has been reconstructed and held by I.A. Kandrina, Ph.D. in History, an Associate Professor of the Department of state and legal disciplines of RF Ministry of Justice, specially for the representative of the Tibetan Parliament.

* * *

On July 11, the Deputy visited Makarov Monastery where Father Bartholomew, the Head of Monastery, told about the ancient and modern history of Orthodox Christian shrine and showed houses for reclusion, the Central Church and Residence of the Head of Administration of the Russian Patriarchate as well as the picturesque park with a birch grove and peacocks. Then there was the traditional Russian tea party and exchange of views with Bartholomew in monastery refectory.

* * *

In the afternoon the meeting with Minister of the Republic of Mordovia and an additional briefing with the press were held. Mordovian journalists resolutely intend to highlight the issue of Tibet and plan to go to Dharamsala in order to see firsthand the life of Tibetan refugees in India. On this day, the townspeople gave a soccer ball with symbols of the city to the representative of the Tibetan Parliament in sign of the Worldwide International Football Championship which will be held in Mordovia in 2018.

* * *

In the evening, Mogru Tenpa attended the first run of the film Escape from Tibet organized by White Lotus, the Centre of Asian Culture, and Tibet House in Moscow. At the end of the film show the round table question and answer with the visitors of the Center was held. In the evening, Mr. Tenpa had a meeting with the representatives of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region.

* * *

On July 12, upon arrival in Moscow, the Deputy Mogru Tenpa met with Dolma Shagdarova, Chairman of Association of Moscow Buddhist Communities, visited Office of Tibet in Moscow and Lenin State Library, one of the largest libraries in the world.

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