Premiere of the film Escape from Tibet

May 13, Cultural Center "White Clouds" and "Tibet House in Moscow" invites you to third meeting from a series of meetings on Tibetan Culture. Premiere of the film Escape from Tibet.

After watching will take meeting and discussion, where people can ask questions to each other and to the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the Russian Federation, president of   the center of  Tibetan Culture and Information Dr.Ngawang Rabgyal.

At 19:00

We are glad to see you in the Meeting at Pokrovka street-4, Cultural Center White Clouds, Moscow.

Entry free.

Escape from Tibet

Country: Germany, Switzerland
Genre: Drama
Year: 2012
Director: Maria Blyumenkron

On a mountaineering tour in the Himalaya, Johanna meets the eight-year-old Tempa in a Tibetan monastery, where she grants the request of an old abbot to bring the boy secretly to Lhasa. Upon arriving in the capital, Johanna realizes that Tempa and a group of other Tibetan children are to be brought without any equipment over a dangerous high-mountain pass to Nepal.

When the Chinese police get wind of the plan, Johanna is suddenly suspected of collaborating with the charismatic leader of the trek, Tashi. Torn between her sense of responsibility to help Tempa and a justified fear for her own life, Johanna decides to go with the group.

Action-drama "Escape from Tibet" tells the gripping story of the clash between Buddhist culture and the Chinese military, in a country where over 100 000 Tibetans have fled since the Dalai Lama went into exile in India in 1959. A hair-raising chase movie before a breathtaking landscape. Based on a true story.



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