Russian-Tibetan art and culture Photo Meeting in Moscow

2013 September 8, Moscow

September 8 at The Museum of Nomadic Culture held the first meeting of creative photo "Russia-Tibet".

Aim of this meeting to attract to show the beauty of Tibetan identity, the uniqueness of the culture and way of life, as well as highlight centuries-old ties between Russia and Tibet. Due to the attention and assistance of the Russians, we were able to reconstruct a small part of life and traditions of Tibet in the heart of modern Moscow.

Special thanks to:
* Center of Tibetan Culture and Information,
representation of Tibetan Government-in-Exile in Moscow, in person of Mr. Ngawang Riglam
* Museum of Nomadic Culture
* The Dialogue Group in person of Lubov Zvezdina
* Events Tibet
* Tibet House in Moscow, in person of of Nadya Berkengeym
* Tibetan Mastiff Kennel

* Tamara Antipina
* Sergei Londo
* Photographer and bard Alexander Yulia's
* Singer Irindzhan Ilyunzhinovoy
* Makeup artist Ana
* Our wonderful models and ESPECIALLY our little miracle Lina Seded.
* Tibet Fotovstrecha




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