June 26, Birthday Celebration of XVII Karmapa

Cultural Center "White Clouds", Center of "Tibetan Culture and Information" and "Tibet House in Moscow" invites you on June 26 to celebrate the birthday XVII Karmapa Orgyan Trinley Dorje, the great Buddhist spiritual leader, the Head of the Karma Kagyu lineage.

In honor of this happy event by Tibetan Buddhist lamas and Russian will be a prayer service with the wishes of His Holiness long life.

• Premiere of a special interview with the Karmapa for Russians
• Dedication long life of Buddha Amitaus
• Gift Buddhist refuge and name
• A unique exhibition of Tibetan icons, tankha written by a master from Eastern Tibet in the style of Karma Gadri
• Indian dance
• Tsog fest
• Offering of lamps and flowers

Start in 18:00

Free admission.

Cultural Center "White Clouds"
Moscow, m.Kitai-city m Chistye Prudy,
Str. Pokrovka 4
(495) 621 61 25 (shop)
(495) 623 49 69 (Cultural Center)




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