Presentation of the Book on Tibet


On August 8, in honor of the day of Sikyong Lobsang Sangay Inauguration, well present the Russian edition of Why Tibet is Burning ..., the book dealing with problems of Tibet today, and the first showing of the interview given by the leader of the Tibetan Government to the Russian press.

This day is considered to be the most important event in the history of Tibet when, for the first time in many centuries, political and spiritual control was completely separated and responsibility for the nations destiny has rested on the new leader democratically elected by the Tibetan Diaspora.

Dr. Ngawang Rabgyal, Director of the Center of Tibetan Culture and Information, Representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Ph.D. in International Relations is the honored guest of the presentation. The briefing with the press and participants of the meeting will be held in the second part of the evening.

Why Tibet is Burning or White Paper

Tibet Policy Institute Publications

The present publication on the current crisis in Tibet titled Why Tibet is Burning... or the White Paper is a clear message to the international community from millions of Tibetans disappearing from the face of the earth together with the unique Buddhist Civilization.

The White Paper deals with many horrifying facts of systematic destruction of the whole human nation, language, culture, religion, fragile ecosystem and the Tibetan way of life. Through this publication we can better realize the problems of modern humanity allowing genocide of the entire nation in our time.

Tibet today is not only a mystical fairy tale in the sky-high Himalayan peaks but a terrible tragedy of the whole nation - the people who courageously continues to struggle for self-preservation and hopes for better times for its country, the people who remains adhere to its spiritual principles to the last gasp, the people who every year crosses the icy peaks despite the danger in order to save the country in exile which is no longer exists on the map.

This publication is dedicated to those who lost all in all in their lives - their Motherland and freedom, but did not despond and continue to proclaim humanism and non-violence hoping that the truth will triumph. In this Paper each of us can find the answer to the question Why Tibet is Burning?, what is behind the shocking wave of self-immolations in Tibet and what is the result of communist re-education in Tibet lasting for nearly 60 years.

We consider the Russian version of this publication is especially important as Buddhism is one of four traditional religions in Russia and we are connected with Tibet by centuries-old cultural, religious and geopolitical relations. It is only eligible existence of Tibetan Buddhism, culture and language inside the historical Tibet which can save this Civilization for the whole world.

In this Book one can clearly realize the current policy of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile called Middle Way based on non-violence expressing fundamental aspirations of the Tibetan people preservation of the Tibetan national identity, regional self-governance within the territory of China and return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

The Tibetan edition authors from the Tibet Policy Institute in India have done the great work to gather information on the situation in Tibet for the period from the time of the Chinese occupation of the Land of Snows till present days.

The materials presented are summarized and popularized.

The event is arranged by Tibet House in Moscow.

Admittance is free.

Beginning at 7 p.m.

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