Conference «The Kailash Phenomenon and its role in the evolutional development of human being»

The 1st International social and scientific conference
«The Kailash Phenomenon and its role in the evolutional development of human being»

Dear Friends!
For all those, to whom the energy of Kailas is endlessly dear and very close to.
For all those, who has already been there or just dreaming of going there one day, and also for those who has just heard about this place.

A very significant event is coming soon in Moscow. It is the 1st time, when people, professing different religions and having different views and beliefs, people, passed different ways to self-knowledge and felt deeply the energy of Kailash by their own, will gather together in one place.

Famous Teachers and Travelers, Masters and Common people – all of them will share their attainments and experience. All of them will gather to share their knowledge and tell everybody about this magic and wonderful place - Kailash.

We invite everyone, who is not indifferent to his life!

Purpose of the Conference:
- Presentation of Kailash as a Phenomenal place on the Earth from different points of view, social and scientific views, and spiritual views as well. The role of Kailash in different religions and beliefs of humanity.

- Research group of Kailash Phenomenon (Russia)
- International Centre of Roerich’s (Moscow)

Moscow, Maliy Znamenskiy pereulok, bld. 3/5, The Museum of N.K. Roerich of International Centre of Roerichs’.

12th – 13th, April, 2014.


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