Presentation of a book «Nepal/Tibet: voyage to another reality»

Лобсанг Сенге

”Many of us were dreaming of mysterious Tibet and Himalayas. Such expeditiontakes time and recourses. My book will help you to know more about Tibet, where I spent in all have a year, - and decide for yourself if you are ready for such an adventure. Each copy of a book includes a film about Kora around Kailas Mountain.”

Yuri Beloivan – businessman, founder of chain restaurants «Korchma Taras Bulba», photographer, sculptor and traveler.


11th of March, 18:00
- Bookshop BiblioGlobus (Myasnitskaya Str, 6/3, building 1) Аdmission free

13th of March, 18:00
- Modern Art Center "Vinzavod", entrance №15

To book invitations please contact Irina Nikolaeva:
+7 (968) 665-12-44



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