«Itigelov. Death does not exist». Premiere of a TV movie

The NTV documentary film deals with the “eternal life” phenomenon and the unique history of Khambo Lama Itigelov.

Itigelov, born in the late XIX century, predicted the exact date of his death and gave the disciples the will to take his body out of the grave 75 years after the day of his death. And it was done: on September 10, 2002 several Buddhist monks took the sarcophagus of the revered Lama from the grave in the cemetery near Ulan-Ude. Having opened the sarcophagus, everybody was amazed: Lama Itigelov sat in lotus pose just like it was 75 years ago; neither his clothes nor his body were decayed being preserved in their original form.

Having examined biological samples of the Lama's tissues, the scientists and physicians unanimously came to conclusion that this all is a living matter.

Itigelov's body is a relic for all the Buddhists in the world. The pilgrims from many countries, including prominent politicians, religious figures, movie and theater stars, scientists, writers, religious scholars and ordinary people, come to see him. The opinions of historians, mystics, theologians and physicians on the reasons of preservation of his body as incorruptible are different. The film presents the evidences of miraculous healing and the pilgrims’ stories about their telepathic contacts with Khambo Lama.

The famous international and public figures, lamas, doctors, experts, actors, politicians and many others took part in this film production.



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