Statement on the situation in the republic of the Union of Myanmar

On behalf of regional public organization “Tibet House” based in Moscow, we offer our condolences to all those who affected by violence in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. We express our deep concern over the current situation in this country and disturbances beyond its borders.

There is no excuse for acts of atrocities which the Government and the people of Myanmar allowed. The attention of the international community should be aimed at stopping the tragedy by means of dialogue on the platform of the United Nations and other peacekeeping and human rights organizations. At this particular time it is important to find a platform for consensus and make every effort to stop bloodshed and prevent it to lead to growth of international tension.

We share the pain and indignation of the followers of Islam, and understand the concern of the followers of Buddhism. These world religions put the value of human life above all. Nevertheless, the conflict in Myanmar should be analyzed in an impartial manner on the basis of the legislation of the country and international law.

We call on all parties showing compassion to this tragedy to avoid definitions while giving a religious color to current events and to draw attention to the fact that the origins of confrontation in Myanmar are based on socio-economic reasons. The entire responsibility for the bloodshed lies not with the followers of religious confessions but with the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which allowed this tragedy.

The Russian Federation is a multiconfessional country where the believers of the world traditional religions have good neighborly relations. It is spiritual leaders and believers who are able to find peaceful solutions to overcome the crisis, the solutions which would not entail interreligious hostility and violence.

We call upon all people, regardless of religion and nationality, to focus their attention on sufferings of the people of Myanmar and appeal to their governments, public leaders and organizations, and mass media representatives to do everything in their power for stopping outrage and further escalation of the conflict.

September 4, 2017



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