Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates Buddhists on Happy New Year

To all Buddhists of Russia,
My congratulations on the coming Lunar New Year and the beginning of the White Month.

This significant event is widely celebrated by the Buddhists in Russia who are drawing on the ancient, historical, cultural and spiritual traditions of their ancestors. On these festive days symbolizing nature and human renewal, it is customary to summarize the results of the departing year and sincerely wish each other health, realization of purposes and desires, and support the loved ones and those who need care.

It is important that the Buddhist communities actively participate in the life of our country. Their interaction with the state and public organizations is being strengthened; great attention is paid to education of young people and implementation of popular charitable and educational initiatives. Such fruitful work deserves the deepest respect.

May the New Year bring you greater heights of success and prosperity.

V. Putin




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